Monday, January 17, 2011

Heart Pillows for Heart Patients!

The Cross Healed Hearts Team has been busy creating heart "cough" pillows for Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital! I had NO idea how this would all happen when God first laid it on my heart, but he has not only provided funding, but very special people with a heart for him to bring it all together. When I have gotten overwhelmed or discouraged, He has shown me that it isn't about me, its about Him and His glory. If only one child feels comfort from a pillow, one parent finds peace or helpful information from the blog, or most importantly, if one heart turns to Him in time of need, my job is complete. If you would like to help in future pillow or blanket projects, or would like to donate material or funds to purchase material, please contact Megan at!

Heart hugs and special thanks to Judy Simmons, Madelynne Gordon, Mary-Ashlynne Gordon, Linda Turner,Rebecca Beauman, Carolyn Justice, Laura Beauman, Barbara Willingham of Willingham's Gifts, and Judy Busby of Fabs and More!!!

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